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Facts about the Trumbull County Humane Society:

  1. The only no-kill dog shelter in Trumbull and Mahoning Counties, in operation since 1898.
  2. Our cats are handled by "Cats Are People Too" which is a no-kill cat shelter.
  3. We handle all problems of abused, neglected and unwanted animals, including; investigations, adoptions and education of individuals to eliminate suffering and discomfort of all animals.
  4. We also handle cases of neglected, abused and mistreated people. In cases of individuals between the ages of 18 and 62 we are the only agency available to assist such individuals.
  5. Until about fifteen years ago we were funded by Trumbull County. Since then we have operated completely upon donations from our members and those who want to contribute to our cause.
  6. Mary Leopardi left her 5 acre farm to her son, John, and to her daughter, Dolores, so that it could be utilized for the benefit of suffering and negleted animals.
  7. The shelter is located at that farm, where all the buildings are utilized for that purpose. It is located at the intersection of Tod Avenue and Dover Street only one and one-third miles from the Hot Dog Shop in Warren, Ohio.
  8. No animal is permitted to leave our shelter without being spayed or neutered or without an absolute guarantee that that will happen.
  9. We prefer to avoid court prosecutions and rely upon them only when we have no other alternative. We would rather rely upon education first.
  10. We believe in kindness toward all living creatures.
  11. We have many animals in foster homes where we provide the food and veterinary services for those animals being cared for by foster helpers.